Code of conduct

The essence of a company is expressed in its culture and values which we would like to express in certain key words.


We strive to make a fair profit with our business and allow our clients and vendors to make a fair profit and get a fair deal from their business relation with us


we care: about our colleagues, about the customers, about the society . Therefore we should participate in charitable actions and support them, not only with money but also with actions.


all human and professional relations have to be build upon trust into each other


we treat everyone with respect


This is necessary to continuously work with high expectations, to deliver an excellent service. We can only be successful if we pursue our objectives with passion

Currenti Hotel Planning chose to support the organization 'Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos' (Our little orphans), an organization that builds and supports since1954 orphanages throughout Latin America.  In those orphanage houses orphans and kids from extremely poor families find a warm and caring  home. You can visit their website on or contact their belgian office on 02 721  64 61 or

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