Increase profitability

Currenti Hotel Planning helps hotels and b&b's to become more profitable. We optimise both the income as well as the expenses. We take a deep look at the situation and analyse the numbers of your establishment and propose a plan with which you can grow.

Specifically: on the income side we focus on your room rates, the average occupancy and the revenue per room, the REVPAR. We propose solutions aimed at meling those segments as profitable as possible. On the expenses side we focus on your suppliers and staff costs.

Everyone works with OTA's, but with well-chosen actions more revenue can be generated. Perhaps you pay too much commission and would like to have more direct reservations? This is something we can analyse as well.

Does your website tell the story you want to? E-marketing of hotels and b&b's can very often be improved. This is another area where we can help.

In short : we will go the extra mile, only to increase your profitability and make your clients even happier.

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